Characteristics of a Well-Designed E-Commerce Website

A website’s design contributes to how much traffic it could draw. The features and accessibility of the whole site are instrumental to its success. At the same time, failure to address the needs of your customers would result in a loss of sales. Aside from a reliable e-commerce CMS, here are some factors that could help you achieve success in your business.

A balance between Brand and Products

In order to achieve a well-designed e-commerce website, a business should utilize a powerful platform like Magento. Hire firms and developers that can assist in customizing your website for your products. Your e-commerce website carries your brand, but its design should not overpower your products. At the same time, your product should not stand out too much that it drowns your brand. Your site design should match the product while showcasing your brand.

Ease of Navigation

As the number of products grows, the more confusing it will be for customers to navigate around your website. Once they get lost in your website, they would get frustrated which could lead to a loss of sales. To avoid that, your website should have clear, logical, and understandable navigation.

Effective and Accurate Photos and Description

When you sell in a physical store, customers would be able to touch, test, or try on the products. For an online store, buyers rely on photos and descriptions. It is important to provide high-quality and accurate photos. An adequate description is also helpful for the buyers to make a decision to buy.

Promotes the Most Popular and Related Products

It is important to showcase items that customers might be interested in. Most popular products are those that are often bought or added to the wish list. Related products on the other hand are either products that are usually bought together with the item purchase or similar products that are complementary to the item. Both marketing approach aims to increase sales by offering items that the customer might not know she needs.

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User-Friendly Checkout Page

The checkout page is crucial because that is where the sale is finalized. Avoid including too many steps or redirecting the buyer to different sites to make a payment. Doing so would confuse or frustrate the customer. They could abandon their shopping cart without completing the sale. Ideally, your checkout page should involve a limited number of short steps. The user interface should also be user-friendly and easily understandable.

No Fuss Site Search

Sometimes, a customer is drawn to an e-commerce website with a specific item in mind to purchase. A well-designed website would allow the customer to find the product he or she is looking for easily. Placing products in different categories can help with navigation. Unfortunately, there are some customers that have a hard time navigating around the website even with well-placed buttons and icons. For these types of customers, an advanced search bar should be available. Search bars should include multiple filter options to narrow down the search.

In designing or creating your website, keep these characteristics in mind. If you would be asking someone else to develop the site for you, make sure that you sit down and discuss what you want to be included in your website.

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