10 Reasons You Should Use a Magento Platform

Maybe you have been planning to start your own business for a while now and have decided to start an e-commerce one. Maybe your brick-and-mortar store has been doing well and has decided that it’s time to venture into digital marketing. You are now on a quest on finding the perfect platform for your e-commerce business. Here are ten reasons why you should use Magento as your platform.


The platform is available in three editions. You can choose among the open-source Community Edition, the Enterprise Edition and the hosted Magento Go. Being an open-source platform, you can pick the Community Edition and still enjoy a robust choice of features. After all, many of its features are completely free.

Highly Customizable

E-commerce business has different business models and sells different products. One good measure of a platform is its customizability to fit the needs of the user. The platform’s uniqueness and the availability of thousands of extensions make Magento developer friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Configuration

There are sites that look beautiful on a desktop but are difficult to navigate and view on a mobile device. Aside from the platform’s responsiveness to the change in screen orientation, Magento has mobile apps that can integrate your store into multiple devices.

Advanced SEO Features

For more visitors to check out the site and convert it into sales, a website should be able to rank in search engines. That is where SEO comes in. The platform’s advanced SEO features will give the site’s products a better chance of ranking. It also includes analytics to track web visitors.

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Magento allows you to customize multiple levels of security permissions. Aside from that, if your store server is running on a separate system, the information of your online store is kept private. Third-party systems are not allowed to access your information.

Hosting Option Flexibility

There are platforms that partner with a hosting system. This partnership usually prevents the system from being hosted somewhere else because of compatibility and support issues. With Magento, a business can use the services of the hosting company of their choice.

Currency and Language Support

The prevalence of e-commerce not only allowed access to purchase products from other countries but also vice versa. This platform makes it efficient to be used by international stores because it dynamically supports all currencies and various languages.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Magento has various marketing tools that can be used to promote the products. Customers may be greeted with campaigns as they are redirected to landing pages. Related options can be added on the product page or checkout. Discount coupons, freebies, and exclusive sales can be customized and offered to customers.

3rd Party Integration

Third party integration allows Magento to be customized based on the needs and requirements of the store. It could include various web applications for subscriptions, sales, or campaigns. The platform also offers support for various payment options and gateways.

Multiple Store Management

With Magento, managing multiple online stores doesn’t have to be stressful. It integrates different stores into one administrative panel.

Shopping is no longer limited to local shops and stores. Now, the commerce business has expanded into the global market. Because of this, it is important to have an e-commerce content management system like Magento to help a business to become competitive.

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