Four Characteristics of a Good Lawyer

There are certain attributes that are essential for some professions. The reason why it is essential is due to the nature of the work and the environment in which the profession will be practiced on. Being a lawyer is no stranger to such ideas.

In being a lawyer there are some characteristics that a lawyer must have in order for them to be effective in their field and also for them to be able to adapt easily to the changes and trends in the field. Here are some of those traits that a good lawyer must have.

Great Communication Skill

As a lawyer, one of the best skills that you have to develop is communication skill. Seldom does a lawyer work on a case alone, they usually partner with other lawyers and researchers or firms to win a case and one way to become effective in their field is to effectively communicate not only in the aspect of argumentation but also in the aspect of cooperative communication with one’s team. And of course, to win the jurors, the lawyer must be creative enough to have the skill of communicating effectively with the judge and the jurors as well. 


Though they are known to be very argumentative and outspoken one key trait of effective and successful lawyers is that they have a heart for their clients. This empathetic feeling may or may not have come from the case itself on whether the person is guilty or not, but rather it comes from the idea that they are representing them and thus they need to at least empathize with them to have a baseline on how to defend them or represent them at court.

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Some even advocate being a no win no fee lawyer just to ensure that their clients can be satisfied with the service that they will be rendered to them and for their case.  Some lawyers offer a series of pro bono services for certain clients as a means to give back to the community.


As a lawyer, one must be intelligent not just averagely intelligent but one must be highly intelligent to even be in a law school in the first place. So why is intelligence emphasized? Because it is not just mere intelligence but rather a high capacity and utility of various types of intelligence that will be utilized in such fields.

To be a lawyer, one must first be able to memorize the laws in both the general and specialized areas such as business law, labour law, civil law, criminal, and even the complications, loopholes and issues with each law that is used and included in many cases. And not only that, must that one be able to argue around these laws using other laws as well.

Although there are far more characteristics out there for lawyers, these are found to be the core attributes that not only ensure success in the field but also affectivity in being one. But then again, these are not easy traits to cultivate, it would take years to foster such traits as a practicing professional lawyer. If you are aiming to be one, make sure to learn how to foster such amiable traits in your own personal life.

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